Article 8.1:   Recognition of the Mexican State’s Direct, Inalienable, and  Imprescriptible

Ownership of Hydrocarbons

  1. As set out in this Agreement, the Parties confirm their full respect for sovereignty and their sovereign right to regulate with respect to matters addressed in this Chapter in accordance with their respective Constitutions and domestic laws, in the full exercise of their democratic processes.
  1. In the case of Mexico, and without prejudice to their rights and remedies available under this Agreement, the United States and Canada recognize that:

(a)       Mexico reserves its sovereign right to reform its Constitution and its  domestic legislation; and

(b)       The Mexican State has the direct, inalienable and imprescriptible  ownership of all hydrocarbons in the subsoil of the national territory, including the continental shelf and the exclusive  economic zone located outside the territorial sea and adjacent thereto, in strata or deposits, regardless of their  physical  conditions pursuant to Mexico’s Constitution.

8 thoughts on “Recognition of the Mexican State’s Ownership of Hydrocarbons – Chapter 8”

    1. The motive would be recognition of Mexico’s ownership of water & mineral rights. You might own the land, but without those rights the materials beneath the surface are free game.. This leaves Mexico’s RIGHTS & ability to prosper with the utilization of those rights to them, where it belongs.

    1. False.

      Mexico nationalized all petroleum industry within its jurisdiction and does not want this free trade agreement to allow foreigners to develop or control any “hydrocarbon resources” in its territory. If you knew even a bit about the 20th century history of Mexico, you’d know this already.

      History, it’s more than just dusty old books written by dead white men. Learn some!

  1. It’s happening! Thanks to this Chapter and chapter 27-28 a large amount of corrupt Mexican politicians are going to get charged with bribery, corruption, theft, etc. 😀 AND we get to tell the Chinese (to whom Peña Nieto sold many oil fields to go back to China. Btw, all these people: Former political enemies of the current Mexican president. Chew on that.

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